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Press and Pricing

Press information for the TravelGrip Network was launched in January 2013 and was already in 2014 accredited the 4th Best Travel Blog in Sweden, through Travel Blog Awards held by Super Saver Travel. Later accredited the 4th Best Inspirational Traveller in category ”Big City” through Apollo Travel in Sweden in 2015.

The founder Maria Grip, A.K.A TravelGrip, has visited 45 countries of the world, the goal is to keep on adding countries and share stories and recommendations from the journeys through the TravelGrip network.

TravelGrip Network includes several websites; (  not yet live),,, and

Read more about Maria Grip below in FAQ’s.


Prices for collaboration and advertising

If you want to order a text or blog post do not hesitate to contact Maria Grip. The prices vary, depending on how big article you would like to order/publish and how many words are included. Ordered articles will be delivered by e-mail or published on the specific site within TravelGrip Network. Sponsored articles will be dispayed as advertising using words as ”Samarbete” (Collaboration).

  • Link with click text in blog post or on page – 250 SEK / 25€.
  • Blog post / Content article incl. one link – 800 SEK / 80€ for 200-300 words.
  • Banner on start page – 300 SEK / 30€ (Max. weight 250 kB. Banner might be removed after 30 days).
  • Banner in specific post – 200 SEK / 25€ (Max. weight 250 kB. Banner might be removed after 30 days).

On the following categories of advertisers are not allowed:
– Online Casino
– Online Betting


Terms of Payment

  • PIA for publishing – Payment in advance, must be completed before publishing article or link.
  • Net 7 for text production – Payment seven days after approval of produced text to be used in other environments.
  • TravelGrip is not a registered company so payment should be made to an individual; Maria Grip.
  • Actual payment forms are Bank transaction (to Swedish Bank) or PayPal transaction to user ””.


  • If payment can only be done to a registered company, Maria Grip will use a third party for this accounting, and adjust the pricing to be equal after VAT, taxes and other fees to the negotiated price.
    • For example, if the negotiated collaboration price is 1000 SEK, Maria will invoice 2000 SEK (net). Adding the VAT of 25% = 2500 SEK when necessary. Withdrawn from the net are personal taxes of 44% and the third party fee of 6% = 1000 SEK net payment to Maria.


Process for content collaboration

Purpose and goal with the partnership

  • Advertiser needs to clearly communicate the goal of the partnership and campaign.
  • Advertiser needs to clearly communicate the expectations. Are there any KPI:s to refer to?
  • Advise on what type of content to be used in the campaign.
  • If any other channel should be used, communicate this.
  • Clearly state which links to use in the collaboration.
  • Advertiser should communicate about their product and what competitive businesses there are.
  • Sign off on a certain time plan;
    • production
    • draft and corrections
    • launch of content/campaign
    • reporting and follow up
  • State a clear budget and respect the terms of payment.
  • If advertiser wish to own the produced material, state this clearly in the order.


Trivia and Press photos

More about Maria Grip below in FAQ’s.

Photos below are free to use and publish in media where relevant, please credit and/or Maria Grip.



TravelGrip-Maria-Grip- (5)

TravelGrip-Maria-Grip- (7)


Who are you?

I am Maria Grip A.K.A Travel Grip, a 35+ something Swede travelling around the world on my spare time. My daily work in Stockholm, Sweden consists of working online with banner advertising so I know a bit about the web and web publications. TravelGrip has visited 49 countries of the world, the goal is to keep on adding countries and share stories from the journeys through the TravelGrip network.

How big is is continously growing, the site was launched in January 2013 and in 2014 was accredited the 4th Best Travel Blog in Sweden, through Travel Blog Awards held by Super Saver Travel. The readers visit the blog for travel information, inspiration and to see photos from destinations.

TravelGrip has also participated as guest blogger on a blog for a Swedish Travel Agent,

In the TravelGrip Network several websites are included; /,,, and

How do you afford to travel so much?

I personally finance my travels by saving money made from my full time work in Sweden. Through advertising over the TravelGrip network I get some funding for the costs related to the site management.

Where have you travelled?

I have been to over 45 countries, from Asia to America. See full list here.

Which is your favourite city in the world?

Best yet is Tokyo, a city very different from the rest. But Los Angeles is growing on me…

Which country is you favourite one?

France has a special place in my heart. I have spent lots of time on and off in various parts of France and all are as good as it gets. In my opinion. As a result I will invest in a house in the countryside eventually.

What Camera do you use?

My main camera is a Sony RX model, a pretty compact camera with a large lens, but I also use the larger Canon EOS 450D with an 18-55 mm lens and/or zoom 28-300. It happens that I use an iPhone. 😉


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