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TravelGrip Media Kit

TravelGrip Media Kit – of web publications. Do not hesitate to contact Maria Grip regarding any inquiries.

Please note that the presented statistics below have been reviewed to ensure that followers/likes are not driven through non-human traffic/bots etcetera, they are true individuals.

Vill du också nå ett högre Customer Lifetime Value bland dina kunder/mottagare?




Content collaboration

  • Native texts can be ordered in which the site owner can place link or links to clients prefered landing page.
  • Advertorial texts are allowed in which the site owner can place link or links to clients prefered landing page.
  • Sponsored posts/pages will be clearly identified as an Advertisement.
  • PRICE: Blog post / Content article incl. one link – 1000 SEK / 100€ (net) for approx. 200-300 words
  • PRICE: Link with click text in existing or upcoming blog post or on page – 250 SEK / 25€


Banner Advertising Policy

  • All ads will be clearly identified as Advertisement
  • All ads must launch a new browser window when clicked on
  • The site owner reserves the right to terminate any campaign upon our discretion
  • Audio must be user initiated with a clearly recognizable on/off button
  • Banner will be removed after 30 days or as agreed upon


  • Banner on start page 728×90 (desktop) ATF – 300 SEK / 30€
  • Banner on start page side 300×250 px (desktop) ATF – 300 SEK / 30€
  • Banner on start page (desktop) 428×60 px BTF – 200 SEK / 20€
  • Banner on start page 300×250 px (desktop and mobile) BTF – 200 SEK / 20€

WEIGHT: Max. 250 kB

TOP banners on startpage:



Terms of Payment

  • PIA for publishing – Payment in advance, must be completed before publishing article or link.
  • Net 7 for text production – Payment seven days after approval of produced text to be used in other environments.
  • TravelGrip is not a registered company so payment should be made to an individual; Maria Grip.
  • Actual payment forms are Bank transaction (to Swedish Bank) or PayPal transaction to user ”mimmi_107@hotmail.com”.


  • If payment can only be done to a registered company, Maria Grip will use a third party for this accounting, and adjust the pricing to be equal after VAT, taxes and other fees to the negotiated price.
    • For example, if the negotiated collaboration price is 1000 SEK, Maria will invoice 2000 SEK (net). Adding the VAT of 25% = 2500 SEK when necessary. Withdrawn from the net are personal taxes of 44% and the third party fee of 6% = 1000 SEK net payment to Maria.



Blacklist for Travelgrip.se

The following categories of advertisers are not allowed in any form on TravelGrip.se:

  • Gambling & Casino (online or offline)
  • Betting (online or offline)


The network

TravelGrip Network includes several websites;

  • TravelGrip.se (Swedish)
  • TravelGrip.net (English)
  • ResatillSolen.se (Swedish)
  • MinSolresa.se (Swedish)
  • AfternoonTea.nu (English)

Spread of Native articles (when proper ad label is used) through:

Do not hesitate to contact Maria Grip regarding any enquiries.


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