Collaboration and Press Information


Prices for collaboration and advertising

All ads and paid collaborations will be clearly identified as Advertisement, in accordance to Swedish Marketing Laws.

Sponsored posts and articles published on are published with a phrase such as: inledningsfraser “I betalt samarbete med…” (Paid collaboration with…), “Sponsrat inlägg” (Sponsored post), “Sponsrad artikel” (Sponsored article).

If you want to order a text or blog post do not hesitate to contact Maria. The prices vary, depending on how big article you would like to order/publish and how many words are included. Ordered articles will be delivered by e-mail or published on the specific site within TravelGrip Network. Sponsored articles will be displayed as advertising using words as ”I betalt samarbete med” (Collaboration).

  • Link with click text in existing blog post or on existing page – 1000 SEK / 100€.
  • Composing Blog post / Content article incl. one link – 5000 SEK / 500€ for 200-300 words.
  • Composing Blog post / Content article for distribution elsewhere – 4500 SEK / 450€ for 200-300 words.
  • Publication of Blog post / Content article incl. one link – 4000 SEK / 400€

On the following categories of advertisers are generally not allowed:
– Online Casino
– Online Betting

Please note that Casino companies that want to market themselves in Sweden must have a local, Swedish, license.


Terms of Payment

TravelGrip is not a registered company so payment should be made to an individual.

  • PIA for publishing – Payment in advance or on the date of publishing article, link or banner.
  • Net 7 for text production – Payment seven days after approval of produced text to be used in other environments.
  • For European companies I offer payment as a company (Swedish: “Egenanställd”) through collaboration with FrilansFinans.
  • Payment within Sweden are done through the third party FrilansFinans will state the fee incl. VAT (25%).
  • Other payment forms are Bank transaction (to Swedish Bank) or PayPal transaction to user ””.

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Process for content collaboration

Purpose and goal with the partnership:

  • Advertiser needs to clearly communicate the goal of the partnership and campaign.
  • Advertiser needs to clearly communicate the expectations. Are there any KPI:s to refer to?
  • Advise on what type of content to be used in the campaign.
  • If any other channel should be used, communicate this.
  • Clearly state which links to use in the collaboration.
  • Advertiser should communicate about their product and what competitive businesses there are.
  • Sign off on a certain time plan;
    • production
    • draft and corrections
    • launch of content/campaign
    • reporting and follow up
  • State a clear budget and respect the terms of payment.
  • If advertiser wish to own the produced material, state this clearly in the order.



All ads will be clearly identified as Advertisement. All ads must launch a new browser window when clicked on. The site owner reserves the right to terminate any campaign upon our discretion. Audio must be user initiated with a clearly recognizable on/off button. Max. weight 250 kB. Banner will be removed after 30 days as agreed upon.

  • Banner ROS: 728×90 px or 300×250 px (desktop) ATF – 1000 SEK / 100€
  • Banner on start page (desktop): 428×60 px BTF – 500 SEK / 50€
  • Banner in blog post: 300×250 or 428×60 px BTF – 1000 SEK / 100€



The latest posts are automatically featured in monthly newsletters. The newsletter is sent on the 1st in every month.

  • Image with/with out text box: 500 SEK /50€ 
  • Native newsletter, clearly identified as an Advertisement/Partnership: 2000 SEK / 200€


Press information for was launched in January 2013 and was already in 2014 accredited the 4th Best Travel Blog in Sweden, through Travel Blog Awards held by Super Saver Travel. Later accredited the 4th Best Inspirational Traveller in category ”Big City” through Apollo Travel in Sweden in 2015.

The founder Maria, A.K.A TravelGrip, has visited 52 countries of the world, the goal is to keep on adding countries and share stories and recommendations from the journeys through the TravelGrip site.

More about Maria below in FAQ’s.

Photos below are free to use and publish in media where relevant, please credit


Who are you?

I am Maria, the founder of TravelGrip, is a 40+ something Swede travelling around the world on my spare time. I have been doing so frequently in the past 12 years. I’ve lived abroad before that, and made my way to the capital of Sweden in 2008 to settle down here until my next move (to France closer to retirement). 2009 I started blogging. Having visited 50+ countries of the world, the goal is to keep on adding countries and share stories from the journeys through the TravelGrip network.

My daily work in Stockholm, Sweden consists of working online with online marketing and audit of medias, I have also created an online course in Display Advertising.

How big is is continuously growing, the site was launched in January 2013 and in 2014 was accredited the 4th Best Travel Blog in Sweden, through Travel Blog Awards held by Super Saver Travel (Etraveli Group). The readers visit the blog for travel information, inspiration and to see photos from destinations.

TravelGrip has also participated as guest blogger on a blog for a Swedish Travel Agent,

How do you afford to travel so much?

I personally finance my travels by saving money made from my full time work in Sweden. Through advertising over the TravelGrip network I get some funding for the costs related to the site management.

Where have you travelled?

I have been to 52 countries (2019), from Asia to America. See full list here.

Which is your favourite city in the world?

Los Angeles has grown on me in the last five years. Since I have friends living in L.A I have been able to explore the city as a native and have some favourite places I always visit. However, since 2022 the bi city is yet again experiencing difficulties in how to handle the many homeless people residing on streets and lots, so nowadays I do not walk anywhere alone after dark.

In Europe, Berlin is the place I keep on returning to. Much thanks to KaDeWe and the experience you can get there, I can easily spend a whole day here!

In Sweden, Stockholm is awesome and Östersund cosy yet a mecca for foodies eventhough it’s a small town in the north.

Which country is you favourite one?

France has a special place in my heart. I have spent lots of time on and off in various parts of France and all are as good as it gets. In my opinion. As a result I am investing in a vacation home in Antibes, and will probably eventually and move to France.

What Camera do you use?

My main camera is a Sony RX model, a pretty compact camera with a large lens, but I also use the larger Canon EOS 450D with an 18-55 mm lens and/or zoom 28-300. It happens that I use an iPhone. 😉


Partnerships works in partnership with the hotel booking site and travel agency Sembo.

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